SYNOPSYSTM Lens Design Software

SYNOPSYS™ is one of the largest and most powerful lens design programs in the world, with features found nowhere else.

The fastest lens optimization in the world. With its powerful PSD algorithm, SYNOPSYS™ can do in one second a job that takes other programs more than an hour.


Zemax has been working on this lens (a 270 deg fisheye) for days and the best I can do is about 10 waves PV.
In half an hour with SYNOPSYS I’m down to 1 wave. I can only imagine how fast things will go when I really get to know the program!

Steve Eckhardt
President, Eckhardt Optics LLC

Don Dilworth is one of the very best optical designers that I have met in my 50 year career. That is partly due to the incredibly powerful design program that Don has written, over many decades. Its artificial intelligence features are a wonder to learn about and ……

… David Shafer
Fairfield CT