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Download & Installation

Current available version for download is Ver.15.72.

Unzip the installer to run the installation. If you have a security key, you can run the software with no limitation. For software trial, click through the first two dialogs regarding network license keys. Then select ‘Let me run the program with the limit of 12 surfaces’ when prompt.

Security key driver:

● Single User Keys: Sentinel Key Driver 7.6.0.exe (2.7 MB)

● Network Keys (on the key server only): Sentinel Protection Installer 7.6.9.exe (9 MB)

Security key driver cleanup utility:

1. Removes all Safenet key drivers

2. Take key out of USB port

3. Run the correct utility for your version of windows

    ● Key driver cleanup utility for 32-bit versions of Windows (153 KB).

    ● Key driver cleanup utility for 64-bit versions of Windows (248 KB).

4. Reboot

● SYNOPSYS requires some dll files that may not be installed on your PC. When you run the program, you might get an error message reporting missing dll files. If that is the case, download Unzip it, Copy and paste all the .dll files into your SYNOPSYS folder (usually, it is C:\SYNOPSYS). After that, SYNOPSYS™ Version 15 should run.

● SYNOPSYS will run on Windows 8.1 if installed and run as Administrator on the desktop.

● SYNOPSYS will run on on Windows 10. Download and save the msi files for both the dlls and SYNOPSYS.

● To install the files on Windows 10, select the file InstallSYNOPSYSdll.msi and then click Manage in the top toolbar. That gives you the option Run as Administrator. Click that option, and then do the same for the SYNOPSYS file. (You have to select this option even if you are the administrator). Then reboot.

● Then SYNOPSYS should work on Windows 10.

Click here to see a revision history of SYNOPSYS™ and what has changed in the latest update.

Download the new version of the Secure Update Utility.

Gemalto has upgraded their software, and you will need to use this updated version when you access the upw file to update your dongle. If you downloaded the file prior to 9 January 2012, you need this version . If you have other software that uses the Safenet Sentinel dongle, and if that software installed the update utility, you probably also have the obsolete version. To be safe, we recommend you download and install our updated version.


All SYNOPSYS™ documentation is now contained in the download file. That means it is always up to date, and you don't have to thumb through a paper copy when you want to look up something. We recommend that new users print out the Tutorial Manual, read it completely, and work the simple examples. The second component, the User's Manual, is too long to print -- but it is completely cross-referenced so you can find any topic, within seconds, on your monitor screen. When you run the program, type HELP UM to open the User's Manual, or HELP TM to open the Tutorial Manual. There are many ways to open the manual to a desired topic instantly. Read about them in Section 13.1 of the manual. This is probably the friendliest help feature in the software industry.

Prospective users are invited to examine a pdf file of the Table of Contents of the UM. Look it over, and if you agree this is an enormously powerful program, then download and install the demo version. Then you can read all the details.

RUSSIAN We also provide a pdf file of the Tutorial Manual in Russian. Click to download a zip file of the document.

JAPANESE Click here to download a zip file of the Tutorial Manual in Japanese.

FRENCH Click here to download a zip file of the Tutorial Manual in French.